How to talk to women on tinder

Tinder has become a major attraction in the online dating scene, but finding a way to talk to girls that really work can be difficult. If you’ve tried the classic “What’s new?” And it was rejected, now it may be time to step up its game. Girls on Tinder receives messages from many different people, its main objective is to show that you are different. The best way is to start your conversation using pickup lines listed here.

Take the first step. If some girls send you a message first, it’s often up to you to take the first step. Waiting for a girl to send you a message is passive, but starting the conversation is active and shows that you are interested. Make sure you wait a few hours after the game to avoid being in a hurry. 

1. Take the First Step

Girls often don’t want to move first, so they don’t presume to be more interesting than they actually are. So to create a rapport and make her reply, you can try using pickup lines first.

Remember that even if you have accepted it, it does not guarantee that a girl will respond to your message. Don’t take it too seriously if the girls don’t always respond when you send them a message.

2. Use her name in the Chat

 If you want her to hear that you are talking to her personally, that she is not just another girl, use her name. People are more likely to react positively when using their name in a conversation

Don’t go to the beach and use it in every sentence. Once is enough.

Include it at the beginning of the message, for example: “Hi, Layla. I was wondering how many people mentioned your texts here?

Use it later to emphasize something like, “I’ve always felt you exist, but I’ve never really believed it. Now it’s confirmed for me: there really is a girl named Mallory. It’s silly, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find it nice.

3. Start with Pickup lines

Girls receive many boring messages that sound the same way; Your goal is to stand out. Write something that is specifically for you and doesn’t look like a line you use again and again. You want me to be curious to talk to you. 

For example, say: “I can’t believe it happened again …”. Continue to explain how you associate yourself with many girls who are food snobs (or other distinctive features). Ideally, he will want to show you that he is different from the other girls.

Your main goal is to make it reflect. Avoid all that is simple, like “Hello”, “How are you?” Or “What’s new?” He doesn’t distinguish her and doesn’t want to talk to you.

The other options are: “Tracy, could you fix a bet between me and my friend?” Or “Jen, what should I send you a message if I really want you to respond?” O “Emily, if you had to choose another person with my name as a message, who would it be?

4. Use Proper Grammar without mistakes

 It is unlikely to make a good impression if you send a complicated text with a lot of jargon and typographical errors. It is not necessary to use capital letters and punctuation, certainly, use full words and complete sentences. Girls appreciate that you have enough to write well 

Don’t write: “God, Ben Wondrin will count UR as you want to leave”

Say something like, “Stacy, I saw you love Cage the Elephant. Will you see them at Coachella this summer?

Don’t try to guess what you decide to write, but check to make sure you don’t write anything wrong. Also, make sure that AutoCorrect does not change what you want to write.

Final Words

Tinder is a place where many Men like you will looking for a girlfriend. To set you apart from the crowd. To do that you have to do things what everyone doesn’t. If you follow these steps, you will definitely finda match on Tinder. Hope this article helps you find the girl of your dreams

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