how to setup a home theater system

How to set up a home theater system

Have you ever dreamed of having the home theater at your budget that brings movie effects at home? But, doesn’t have an idea on how to set up a home theater system? No worries. In this guide, I’ll provide you with the right guidelines to set up the home theater.

How to choose a home theater system?

Before we begin with the home theater setup, let’s know how to choose the right home theater system. If you are planning to get the best home theater, then determine your budget and list everything required to set a home theater system.  

In most cases, people invest a lot in setting up a spacious room, interiors, and a TV set. You don’t require to spend a lot to set up a home theater at your home. All you need to do is, follow the below steps and turn your home into theater in just 500$.

Things that may require to set up a home theater system

  • Home theater receiver
  • Cable, Antenna, Satellite Box (optional)
  • Projector with Screen or Television
  • Disc Players like Blue-ray Discs, Ultra HD Discs, CDs, DVDs
  • Loudspeakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Media Streamer (optional)
  • DVD Recorder or VCR (optional)
  • Speaker wire, Wire Stripper 
  • Sound meter (optional)

How to set up a home theater system

Step 1: Find the best place to fix the home theater

A standard home theater system will have a receiver and five or six loudspeakers depending on their design and a medium subwoofer. Before you begin the setup process, ensure that you have all the necessary cables in the home theater package. 

how to setup a home theater system

Once you have all the essentials, find for the right place to fix the home theater system. It is advised to place the home theater at an ample room space to experience theater effect.

Step 2: Set up the projector

When you purchase the home theater system, the best thing to do is buy a good quality projector and screen. Mounting a Projector at the best projection surface will reflect a fantastic picture and video experience to the movie lovers. 

how to setup a home theater system

Many manufacturers are selling in-built projector screens, which you can mount it on the wall. 

Step 3: Set up the Sound System

Without a good sound quality, a home theater is worthless. So, the next step that you should do is set up a sound system. 

how to setup a home theater system

For optimal sound quality, fix two large speakers nearer to your projector screen and two behind your seating area with the help of wires or cables. Even, you can set the subwoofer.

Step 4: Blu-Ray, Media Boxes, and Pay TV

You’ve done with the setup process of your projector and Sound system. Now, you need a streaming device to play all your streaming content. 

If you have Pay TV box/Blu-ray/ media box, place it near your av receiver. A media box is nothing but a dedicated computer system that can be used to stream music and video. 

how to setup a home theater system

Any video devices like Blu-ray should be connected to the AV receiver via HDMI port to stream and run the content on your projector. 

In case if you have a Smart TV like Roku, Amazon TV, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. Because sometimes, a poor internet connection may lead to lag or buffering while streaming your favorite content.

Step 5: Figure out the proper seating location

The final thing that you should do is figure out the optimal seating location where you can enjoy watching movies in the theater effect at your home. Now, locate your seating arrangement at that spot and enjoy watching or streaming your favorite videos with your friends and family. 

how to setup a home theater system

Bottom lines

We all know, a home theater is one of the best things for homes to enjoy streaming content on weekends with friends and family. However, it is not hard to set it up with a projector. Even if you go for professional installation with the high-end equipment, setting a home theater with a projector is an affordable way. I hope the above steps might have helped on how to set up a home theater system. Good luck!

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