How to Install Exodus v8 Kodi Addon easily

Kodi is a free and open source multimedia player. Installing add-ons on Kodi can give you an incredible experience watching movies and TV shows. Exodus can be one of the best accessories of Kodi. This guide explains how to easily install Exodus on Kodi. But if you want to install other Kodi repositories, refer this website.

1. Notifications before using Exodus in Kodi

Before you begin, remember that neither Driver Easy nor Kodi encourages hacking. You must use Kodi and its supplements legally.

Is the Exodus Kodi add-on legal? Kodi has several APIs open for third-party developers to create add-ons. Any third-party Kodi add-in is an illegal module, including Exodus. However, Exodus says that it only hosts links and sources for video, rather than multimedia content. Therefore, we must use Exodus and Kodi legally.

2. Configure the settings before installing Exodus on Kodi

Sometimes the add-ons you install come from unknown developers and Kodi limits the download of these modules and the viewing of videos from unknown sources.

  1. Before installing Exodus, you must configure unknown sources on your Kodi. Open Kodi, click Settings> System Settings.
  2. Click Add-ons and tap the button next to Unknown Sources and click Yes to confirm.
  3. You can then install additional components such as Exodus on your Kodi to enhance your experience.
  4. Get a VPN to use Kodi
  5. We recommend using a VPN when using Kodi and streaming video.

To avoid possible problems, such as the Exodus plug-in that does not work, you must install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will hide the video. Your ISP will not recognize it as a Kodi video and will not block it.

Install Exodus on Kodi

1.Redux is the latest version of Exodus that works just fine as previous versions. Click settings

2. Go to File Manager

3. Click twice on Add Source and click none

4.  Type exactly the URL given here and click OK  

5. Give a name for it and click OK twice. We saved as Reduc her for example.

6. No get back to main menu in Kodi and click on Add-ons and then package icon.

7. Now you can select and install the Zip file.

8. Choose the file name Redux

9.  Select 

10. After some time, you will get a notification Add-on installed

11.  Now you have successfully installed Exodus. You can enjoy movies and lot more. 


Exodus is currently the main addonavailable on Kodi to broadcast movies, TV shows, cartoons and cartoons, sports, documentaries and listen to music and radio, among many other features. With the release of the new Kodi Ver.17 Krypton interface, streaming fans go crazy for an element of the most effective online video viewing solution on the Internet. I hope our detailed guide is useful and easy to follow. In case of problems, leave us a comment in the following section, until then, good streaming playback.

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