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Best sites or services to make unlimited prank calls for free

In contemporary life, we all face daily tensions and difficulties. You can relieve stress by teasing your friends or colleagues. We have many free prank call sites on the Internet. Before accessing such websites, we recommend that users understand the limitations of this particular website.

If you use these sites inappropriately, this is considered illegal and could cause you problems. The use of prank websites is solely for entertainment and entertainment purposes. If you go further, you must face legal problems. In this article, we have created a list of the best free prank call sites for fun with friends. Check!

Check out the list of best prank call sites to make unlimited prank calls available for free.


PrankDial is one of the best prank sites available on the Internet for all entertaining people. This site generates many pranks so that users can choose any interesting prank based on their choice. You can send these pranks to your best friends and family. The pranks available in PrankDial are available for free. You can add a phone number of your friend next to an alternative number with an international prefix.

If you want to have fun, record a call and send that joking call to your favorites. Some of the best features of the PrankDial website include video calls, beat history, ad-free calls, and more. You can explore the pranks of the huge database on this site.


Prankowl is another prank site that works quite similar to the PrankDial website. However, Prankowl offers exceptional functionality for users who force two strangers to call each other for free. You can set a time limit for people on the phone. It also allows users to trick the caller ID with your friends.

Whenever you call your friend, the number appears as an unknown number. Other benefits of the Prankowl website include calls from different countries, calls without advertising, etc. With the token victory, you can easily make phone calls to your friends. When you make a prank, you can have fun, laugh and know the reaction of the person you made a prank.

Comedy Calls:

Comedy Calls is another website that offers a wide range of fun calls to its users. You can easily send these calls to other people. The main concept of the Comedy Calls website is to create humor and avoid frustrating calls that could shake others. Users can select a fun call in the huge database. All you need to do is dial the recipient’s phone number and then make a free call. Some other features include caller representation, call times for the next time and access to the user interface without advertising.

Wacky Prank Calls:

Wacky Prank Calls is a popular prank call site that performs a wide range of prank calls. This site offers great features that users do not have to dial from the site. This website provides a specific number that can be composed of your mobile phone. Write the victim’s phone number and make a prank. Users must follow the instructions of the IVR. The Wacky Prank Calls website will do the rest. Users do not need to download software to use this prank site.


Foxycall allows users to place calls, send text messages and even easily falsify the caller ID. It is possible to send the text message from any sender ID. Some other useful features of Foxycall include voice modification and call recording. Users use any phone number to make a phone call or a prank.

KDK Prank Calls:

KDK Prank Calls is another great prank calling site with a unique interface. On the home page of this website, you can find many options, including free prank calls, online prank calls, best wishes, and more. When you choose one of the options, you will go to the following website which will allow you to make a free call.

This is not only a prank site but also the largest internet radio show featuring prank calls and live comedy. Users can easily download prank calls from the database individually as MP3 files. The pranks available on this site seem to be original calls to recipients.

Phone Losers:

Phone Losers of America is the highest ranked prank site that includes a massive list of funny prank appeals. This site offers a prank as an MP3 file. Users can easily send these calls to their friends at any time. The pranks on this site are humorous, ridiculous and funny in some cases.

Final words

Here is the list of the 8 best-calling sites to chat with your friends. For more problems and questions, ask us through the comments section.

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