How to use Facebook Spy Tools? A Beginner’s guide

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media site. Twitter and Instagram come in close seconds. Facebook has proven to be not only a networking platform but also a formidable e-commerce platform.

For this reason, companies both big and small are tapping into the huge Facebook audience.

And why wouldn’t they?

Facebook is brimming with audiences primed and ready for buying.

The main question is, how do you season Facebook’s huge audience to respond to your Ads and generate conversions?

Simple! Facebook Spy Tools!

What Are Facebook Spy Tools?

A Facebook Spy Tool spies on your competitor’s Facebook Ad campaigns. And not just any competitors; the most successful competitors in your niche. This way, you can see what your competition is doing right and emulate it.

Depending on the Facebook Spy Tool you have, you can:

  • Spy on your competitors’ Ad campaigns
  • See their Ad content, graphics, images and angles
  • Determine which demographics they target and how the audiences respond to the Ads
  • Find out all the deals they offer, when they post, and how often

Spy Tools also offer insights and recommendations on how best to tailor-make your Ad. This way, you can make it your own and attract more conversions. Here we have covered three main FB spy tools. Apart from these, there are many other tools to spy facebook ads.

The Best Facebook Spy Tools in 2019

Here are our best picks for Facebook Spy Tools of 2019.

1.  PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is among the most popular Facebook Spy Tools in the market. This is attributed to its extensive Search and Filtering feature as well as the detailed In-Depth Analysis.

In a nutshell, PowerAdSpy not only allows you to see what your competitor is up to in Ads, it also helps you to copy the same Ad and use it in your campaigns.

You can fine-tune your searches to get specific results thanks to PowerAdSpy’s Dynamic Search feature.

  • Access to a highly functional Search and Filter tool
  • Huge Ads database
  • Detailed Analytics on audiences
  • Actionable recommendations
  • You need to be highly analytical to understand this tool

2.  Whatrunswhere

Whatrunswhere allows its users to make intelligent decisions when it comes to Facebook Ad campaigns. This is achieved by not only relaying what the competition is doing, but also highlighting the top in-demand products.

With Whatrunswhere, you have access to 140 Mobile Ad Networks and 150 Display Networks. Services are accessible from 7 countries.

Try their 3-day trial for $1

  • Updates Data daily
  • Intelligent Ad insights
  • Wide native Ad coverage
  • Provides new traffic sources
  • Pricey

3.  Anstrex

Native Ads are stealth and a total flop if your audience doesn’t pick up on them. For this reason, you need a kickass Native Ad Spy Tool to vamp up your chances of success.

Anstrex is arguably the best Native Ad Spy Tool in the business. This is because you are looking at a database of over 10 million native Ads from 27 networks across 15 countries.

Anstrex allows you to spy on running native ads across different networks. You can also download landers and graphics of successful Ads to use in your Ad campaigns.

  • Actionable insights and downloadable landing pages
  • Fully integrates with Alexa and various similar AI enabling you to sort Ads by Alexa ranking
  • Comes with a free trial
  • Helps you find and use high-definition high-converting images from the most popular Ad campaigns
  • Fairly expensive

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use Social Media to optimize you Ad campaigns is a game changer. Facebook Spy Tools help you inch closer to that goal by getting all the monotonous chores out of the way. Choose your Facebook Spy Tool wisely.

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