how to setup a home theater system

How to set up a home theater system

Have you ever dreamed of having the home theater at your budget that brings movie effects at home? But, doesn’t have an idea on how to set up a home theater system? No worries. In this guide, I’ll provide you with the right guidelines to set up the home theater.

How to choose a home theater system?

Before we begin with the home theater setup, let’s know how to choose the right home theater system. If you are planning to get the best home theater, then determine your budget and list everything required to set a home theater system.  

In most cases, people invest a lot in setting up a spacious room, interiors, and a TV set. You don’t require to spend a lot to set up a home theater at your home. All you need to do is, follow the below steps and turn your home into theater in just 500$.

Things that may require to set up a home theater system

  • Home theater receiver
  • Cable, Antenna, Satellite Box (optional)
  • Projector with Screen or Television
  • Disc Players like Blue-ray Discs, Ultra HD Discs, CDs, DVDs
  • Loudspeakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Media Streamer (optional)
  • DVD Recorder or VCR (optional)
  • Speaker wire, Wire Stripper 
  • Sound meter (optional)

How to set up a home theater system

Step 1: Find the best place to fix the home theater

A standard home theater system will have a receiver and five or six loudspeakers depending on their design and a medium subwoofer. Before you begin the setup process, ensure that you have all the necessary cables in the home theater package. 

how to setup a home theater system

Once you have all the essentials, find for the right place to fix the home theater system. It is advised to place the home theater at an ample room space to experience theater effect.

Step 2: Set up the projector

When you purchase the home theater system, the best thing to do is buy a good quality projector and screen. Mounting a Projector at the best projection surface will reflect a fantastic picture and video experience to the movie lovers. 

how to setup a home theater system

Many manufacturers are selling in-built projector screens, which you can mount it on the wall. 

Step 3: Set up the Sound System

Without a good sound quality, a home theater is worthless. So, the next step that you should do is set up a sound system. 

how to setup a home theater system

For optimal sound quality, fix two large speakers nearer to your projector screen and two behind your seating area with the help of wires or cables. Even, you can set the subwoofer.

Step 4: Blu-Ray, Media Boxes, and Pay TV

You’ve done with the setup process of your projector and Sound system. Now, you need a streaming device to play all your streaming content. 

If you have Pay TV box/Blu-ray/ media box, place it near your av receiver. A media box is nothing but a dedicated computer system that can be used to stream music and video. 

how to setup a home theater system

Any video devices like Blu-ray should be connected to the AV receiver via HDMI port to stream and run the content on your projector. 

In case if you have a Smart TV like Roku, Amazon TV, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. Because sometimes, a poor internet connection may lead to lag or buffering while streaming your favorite content.

Step 5: Figure out the proper seating location

The final thing that you should do is figure out the optimal seating location where you can enjoy watching movies in the theater effect at your home. Now, locate your seating arrangement at that spot and enjoy watching or streaming your favorite videos with your friends and family. 

how to setup a home theater system

Bottom lines

We all know, a home theater is one of the best things for homes to enjoy streaming content on weekends with friends and family. However, it is not hard to set it up with a projector. Even if you go for professional installation with the high-end equipment, setting a home theater with a projector is an affordable way. I hope the above steps might have helped on how to set up a home theater system. Good luck!

How to review a product on Amazon and other online shopping sites

If you one of the shopping freak, you would have done some form of online shopping before. Online shopping has many pros and cons you would have experienced. One hand you can shop in the comfort of your home or on the go. But on the other hand, you can never really be sure of the quality of the product until you receive it.

The customers can’t see or test the product before buying, it means that they will almost always read product reviews first.

2 Reasons why one must write good online reviews:

You may think that a lot of people who write online reviews are being paid or compensated in some manner. The truth is, many of them actually do it for some selfless reasons, and here are some of the key ones:

1. Sharing is caring: You may have avoided buying a sketchy product thanks to good and honest reviews. A number of people that write genuinely do it to help others make good decisions. Why not do the same for them?

2. Better Product: Good reviews can help companies improve their product qualities and their drawbacks. It is basically free user feedback! So, if you don’t like a product and that will helps the company to understand exactly what they need to change.

Here is an example website that reviews the best products for Home and Kitchen needs. Considering it as an example, you can brainstorm the ideas of writing a detailed review.

Look at how other customers have reviewed the products from online shopping sites.

Tips for writing review a product on Amazon and other online sites:

Be Responsive:

It is a good idea to write the review in a conversational manner, this lets readers respond and suggest their point of view. When you reply back people can find your review more conceivable and authentic. Follow the things to ensure that you are engaging your review readers:

  • You can leave contact information of yours, where they can ask you more question or you can share your experience with them.
  • Respond to comment about your review regularly.
  • If you have written a completely different review of what the client experienced, you can try to explain your complaint to the manufacturer.

Describe all the steps you did to encounter your problems on the way so the readers can follow and comment on specific steps in your process.

Perfect Review:

A perfect online review should be as neutral as possible. If you are writing a review after having a bad day at work, this could impact your review and it wouldn’t be as accurate as it should be. So that, try to put urself in a neutral mood when you starting writing your review. Here are some things you must keep in mind:

  • Start with some positive points and include constructive feedback.
  • Add some number of pros and cons.
  • Try to avoid some negative points, like “Terrible”, “awful” because they project more your feelings, not like real facts.

Details of the product:

The details of the product should be accurate and clear-cut. If you are talking about offline services like a home tutor, you can also add the details of a person, the date when started or the schedule followed.

If it is an online product, you must add the shopping website, then the date when it was bought, the date it was delivered, and the conditions of the product. Also, delivery is a problem in many of the countries and therefore, people would be really interested in knowing the time taken for the delivery.

Final Words:

Providing good online reviews is a huge part of not only online shopping, and also countless apps that help make others’ lives easier every day as much as Games, Uber, and many more. It is essential for businesses as well as customers to encourage writing some solid online reviews. If you guys had any tips on writing good reviews? Let us know in the comment sections!

How to Install Exodus v8 Kodi Addon easily

Kodi is a free and open source multimedia player. Installing add-ons on Kodi can give you an incredible experience watching movies and TV shows. Exodus can be one of the best accessories of Kodi. This guide explains how to easily install Exodus on Kodi. But if you want to install other Kodi repositories, refer this website.

1. Notifications before using Exodus in Kodi

Before you begin, remember that neither Driver Easy nor Kodi encourages hacking. You must use Kodi and its supplements legally.

Is the Exodus Kodi add-on legal? Kodi has several APIs open for third-party developers to create add-ons. Any third-party Kodi add-in is an illegal module, including Exodus. However, Exodus says that it only hosts links and sources for video, rather than multimedia content. Therefore, we must use Exodus and Kodi legally.

2. Configure the settings before installing Exodus on Kodi

Sometimes the add-ons you install come from unknown developers and Kodi limits the download of these modules and the viewing of videos from unknown sources.

  1. Before installing Exodus, you must configure unknown sources on your Kodi. Open Kodi, click Settings> System Settings.
  2. Click Add-ons and tap the button next to Unknown Sources and click Yes to confirm.
  3. You can then install additional components such as Exodus on your Kodi to enhance your experience.
  4. Get a VPN to use Kodi
  5. We recommend using a VPN when using Kodi and streaming video.

To avoid possible problems, such as the Exodus plug-in that does not work, you must install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will hide the video. Your ISP will not recognize it as a Kodi video and will not block it.

Install Exodus on Kodi

1.Redux is the latest version of Exodus that works just fine as previous versions. Click settings

2. Go to File Manager

3. Click twice on Add Source and click none

4.  Type exactly the URL given here and click OK  

5. Give a name for it and click OK twice. We saved as Reduc her for example.

6. No get back to main menu in Kodi and click on Add-ons and then package icon.

7. Now you can select and install the Zip file.

8. Choose the file name Redux

9.  Select 

10. After some time, you will get a notification Add-on installed

11.  Now you have successfully installed Exodus. You can enjoy movies and lot more. 


Exodus is currently the main addonavailable on Kodi to broadcast movies, TV shows, cartoons and cartoons, sports, documentaries and listen to music and radio, among many other features. With the release of the new Kodi Ver.17 Krypton interface, streaming fans go crazy for an element of the most effective online video viewing solution on the Internet. I hope our detailed guide is useful and easy to follow. In case of problems, leave us a comment in the following section, until then, good streaming playback.

How to use Facebook Spy Tools? A Beginner’s guide

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media site. Twitter and Instagram come in close seconds. Facebook has proven to be not only a networking platform but also a formidable e-commerce platform.

For this reason, companies both big and small are tapping into the huge Facebook audience.

And why wouldn’t they?

Facebook is brimming with audiences primed and ready for buying.

The main question is, how do you season Facebook’s huge audience to respond to your Ads and generate conversions?

Simple! Facebook Spy Tools!

What Are Facebook Spy Tools?

A Facebook Spy Tool spies on your competitor’s Facebook Ad campaigns. And not just any competitors; the most successful competitors in your niche. This way, you can see what your competition is doing right and emulate it.

Depending on the Facebook Spy Tool you have, you can:

  • Spy on your competitors’ Ad campaigns
  • See their Ad content, graphics, images and angles
  • Determine which demographics they target and how the audiences respond to the Ads
  • Find out all the deals they offer, when they post, and how often

Spy Tools also offer insights and recommendations on how best to tailor-make your Ad. This way, you can make it your own and attract more conversions. Here we have covered three main FB spy tools. Apart from these, there are many other tools to spy facebook ads.

The Best Facebook Spy Tools in 2019

Here are our best picks for Facebook Spy Tools of 2019.

1.  PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is among the most popular Facebook Spy Tools in the market. This is attributed to its extensive Search and Filtering feature as well as the detailed In-Depth Analysis.

In a nutshell, PowerAdSpy not only allows you to see what your competitor is up to in Ads, it also helps you to copy the same Ad and use it in your campaigns.

You can fine-tune your searches to get specific results thanks to PowerAdSpy’s Dynamic Search feature.

  • Access to a highly functional Search and Filter tool
  • Huge Ads database
  • Detailed Analytics on audiences
  • Actionable recommendations
  • You need to be highly analytical to understand this tool

2.  Whatrunswhere

Whatrunswhere allows its users to make intelligent decisions when it comes to Facebook Ad campaigns. This is achieved by not only relaying what the competition is doing, but also highlighting the top in-demand products.

With Whatrunswhere, you have access to 140 Mobile Ad Networks and 150 Display Networks. Services are accessible from 7 countries.

Try their 3-day trial for $1

  • Updates Data daily
  • Intelligent Ad insights
  • Wide native Ad coverage
  • Provides new traffic sources
  • Pricey

3.  Anstrex

Native Ads are stealth and a total flop if your audience doesn’t pick up on them. For this reason, you need a kickass Native Ad Spy Tool to vamp up your chances of success.

Anstrex is arguably the best Native Ad Spy Tool in the business. This is because you are looking at a database of over 10 million native Ads from 27 networks across 15 countries.

Anstrex allows you to spy on running native ads across different networks. You can also download landers and graphics of successful Ads to use in your Ad campaigns.

  • Actionable insights and downloadable landing pages
  • Fully integrates with Alexa and various similar AI enabling you to sort Ads by Alexa ranking
  • Comes with a free trial
  • Helps you find and use high-definition high-converting images from the most popular Ad campaigns
  • Fairly expensive

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use Social Media to optimize you Ad campaigns is a game changer. Facebook Spy Tools help you inch closer to that goal by getting all the monotonous chores out of the way. Choose your Facebook Spy Tool wisely.

How to install and Setup a Kodi addon for streaming

What is Kodi?

Kodi is the best media player software by the users across the world and in this article, you will know how to install and setup a Kodi addon. If you are a complete beginner with Kodi then we suggest you try out the best working Kodi addons. In this article, we will help you how to install and setup a Kodi addon.

How to Install Kodi?

Whatever device you are using, Kodi can support it. Kodi has extended its support across different platforms like Windows, Ios, Linux, Android and so on. You can also install Kodi on other streaming devices like firestick, Roku and a lot more. In Roku and Firestick, you can’t install Kodi directly. the Installation procedure may vary depending on the device.

How to install Kodi on Windows Laptop?

  1. You can get Kodi from its official website.
  2. Select your windows platform.
  3. If you are using Windows 7 then choose installer(32 Bit) and if Windows 10 then select Windows Store.
  4. Open and Install the file after downloading the file.
  5. To complete the installation process, follow the on-screen process.

How to install Kodi on Android TV box and Smart Phones?

  1. You can download Kodi from Play Store on your Smartphone.
  2. Follow the steps given below, for installing Kodi on your Android Smart TV/Box.
  3. Select the Android, from Kodi download page.
  4. Select the ARM version based on your device (32/64) Bit.
  5. The file will be downloaded in the required format. Copy the file to the device and install them.

These are the methods to install Kodi on various devices and if you are having any other platforms, do let us know. Now we proceed to the setup guide for beginners.

Kodi Setup Guide :

From the following steps, we will be enabling the “Unknown source option”, this allows you to install third-party add-ons. There are a lot of official add-ons, but most of them are premium add-ons. So that we use third-party add-ons to watch TV and movies.

  • Open Kodi on your device and select Settings.
  • From the settings menu, Select system settings.
  • In the left pane select the add-ons, and enable unknown sources.
  • Select yes to save the settings, from the prompt warning message.

These are the steps to install Kodi and enable the installation from unknown sources.

How to install addons on Kodi?

There are two methods, in which you can install the add-ons.

  1. via Kodi Repositories.
  2. via ZIP File.

We recommend you to install the add-ons via the Kodi repositories. Here in this guide, we will take you through the installation procedure and can be used to watch TV shows, movies, and a few other contents. You can follow this same procedure for all add-ons.

Installation method via Repository:

  1. Select Settings from Kodi on your device.
  2. From the system settings window, Select the File Manager.
  3. Select the Add Source to add the external repository URL.
  4. Choose None and enter the repository URL “.
  5. Name the source redux and select OK.
  6. Select Add-ons from the previous screen of Kodi.
  7. At the top left of the screen, Select Installer Icon.
  8. Choose install from zip file option.
  9. Select redux from the zip file.
  10. After some time, you will receive a notification stating that “Add-ons installed successfully”
  11. Select install from repository from the option.
  12. Click Exodus Redux Repo.
  13. Select the category Video Add-ons.
  14. Click on the Exodus Redux.
  15. Click install and OK to install additional add-ons with exodus redux and then wait for the success message.
  16. Get back to the Kode home screen and launch the exodus redux.
  17. Enjoy the Exodus Redux.

The above-mentioned steps are to install and setup Kodi addon using Repository. You can also follow these same steps to install any of the add-ons and also you must know the repository URL of the corresponding add-on.


We hope that this article is clear and helpful on the basic installation and setup on Kodi. If you have any suggestions and edits you are welcomed, we would be glad to fix your issues and make it easier.

A to Z comparison of vivid seats vs stubhub

The world is moving increasingly towards e-commerce and a growing percentage of retail sales in the United States is done through a computer or a smartphone. The sale of tickets, whether for air tickets, concerts or sporting events, is no exception to this trend. The secondary ticket market is huge and constantly growing. However, the major ticket outlets have bothered customers with limited space and inflated prices, and some businessmen have seized the opportunity to create alternatives.

Vivid Seats and StubHub are the two main competitors in this secondary market. Both offer the opportunity to buy hard-to-find tickets or sell tickets that are no longer needed, and both sites offer tickets for a wide range of activities, from sports to concerts, theaters and festivals. Both sites have existed for many years and are considered reliable sellers. They also offer places in places that many ticketing sites do not offer.

But how one can choose between the two sites? In this article, I will illustrate the similarities and differences between these services and provide the information needed to make an informed decision about which site to use for ticketing purposes

Vivid Seats:

Vivid Seats was launched in 2001 and have a very mature site. It is easy to use and has a powerful search function: you can sort the search results by ticket, region, date or artist. The availability is excellent because they sell a wide range of tickets in all areas of a given place: this is a place where Vivid Seats stands out from the competition. You will have access to the best and cheapest places, with some variability depending on factors such as availability, location and, of course, who sells what. In 2017, Vivid Seats billed over a billion dollars.

Of course, the price is the main concern of any ticket seller, and this is where Vivid Seats stands out. Compared to their rivals, Vivid seats are usually less by a good amount. There are taxes: the price you see at the beginning is not really the price you pay, but in many cases, the costs are still under StubHub. The exact price for resellers can be difficult to define and, unfortunately, you will not see the total amount until you are on the checkout page of the site. Vivid Seats service charge ranges from 20% to 40% of the original ticket price. (This is where the site earns money, after all). Additional fees, such as shipping, can be as much as $ 25 or even $ 7.

Many comments on Vivid Seats and independent review sites mention their excellent service. They serve customers with services such as making a courtesy phone call to inform ticket holders of locations or schedule changes and offer guarantees in case of counterfeit notes. These can be invaluable.


StubHub is owned by eBay and launched in 2000. It has an attractive website with all the features that can be expected from one of the major players in the industry. Like eBay, StubHub ignores data design. Therefore, even if the website is not as attractive as Vivid Seats, it is easier to find what you are looking for. Sorting by date also helps to find events. StubHub also has an application, which means you can use it in multiple places and on multiple devices.

For some years, StubHub experimented with “All In Pricing”, where they showed their rates from the beginning instead of attacking them at the end of the transaction. While this sounds good in theory, higher initial prices have scared consumers. StubHub does not show your rates until you are ready to buy your ticket. The StubHub rates would on average be slightly higher than the Vivid rates. The total rates may vary between 20% and 50% of the original price.

StubHub has decent customer service, but it’s not as recommendable as the Vivid Seats. You still have a guarantee against fake money, so someone selling you a fake StubHub will help you get the real item for your show of choice.


Vivid Seats and StubHub are very successful. They offer a wide range of authentic tickets at reasonable prices. Both have useful and usable websites where you can find what you’re looking for quickly enough. Both have an application to find tickets on the fly.

Both providers offer good customer service and both will guarantee against fake tickets. They will also try to find authentic tickets for your show so as not to lose them for a scam. Their prices are close enough to allow you to check your time and compare the final quantities. In this comparison, there can only be one winner: you, the consumer.

prank calls

Best sites or services to make unlimited prank calls for free

In contemporary life, we all face daily tensions and difficulties. You can relieve stress by teasing your friends or colleagues. We have many free prank call sites on the Internet. Before accessing such websites, we recommend that users understand the limitations of this particular website.

If you use these sites inappropriately, this is considered illegal and could cause you problems. The use of prank websites is solely for entertainment and entertainment purposes. If you go further, you must face legal problems. In this article, we have created a list of the best free prank call sites for fun with friends. Check!

Check out the list of best prank call sites to make unlimited prank calls available for free.


PrankDial is one of the best prank sites available on the Internet for all entertaining people. This site generates many pranks so that users can choose any interesting prank based on their choice. You can send these pranks to your best friends and family. The pranks available in PrankDial are available for free. You can add a phone number of your friend next to an alternative number with an international prefix.

If you want to have fun, record a call and send that joking call to your favorites. Some of the best features of the PrankDial website include video calls, beat history, ad-free calls, and more. You can explore the pranks of the huge database on this site.


Prankowl is another prank site that works quite similar to the PrankDial website. However, Prankowl offers exceptional functionality for users who force two strangers to call each other for free. You can set a time limit for people on the phone. It also allows users to trick the caller ID with your friends.

Whenever you call your friend, the number appears as an unknown number. Other benefits of the Prankowl website include calls from different countries, calls without advertising, etc. With the token victory, you can easily make phone calls to your friends. When you make a prank, you can have fun, laugh and know the reaction of the person you made a prank.

Comedy Calls:

Comedy Calls is another website that offers a wide range of fun calls to its users. You can easily send these calls to other people. The main concept of the Comedy Calls website is to create humor and avoid frustrating calls that could shake others. Users can select a fun call in the huge database. All you need to do is dial the recipient’s phone number and then make a free call. Some other features include caller representation, call times for the next time and access to the user interface without advertising.

Wacky Prank Calls:

Wacky Prank Calls is a popular prank call site that performs a wide range of prank calls. This site offers great features that users do not have to dial from the site. This website provides a specific number that can be composed of your mobile phone. Write the victim’s phone number and make a prank. Users must follow the instructions of the IVR. The Wacky Prank Calls website will do the rest. Users do not need to download software to use this prank site.


Foxycall allows users to place calls, send text messages and even easily falsify the caller ID. It is possible to send the text message from any sender ID. Some other useful features of Foxycall include voice modification and call recording. Users use any phone number to make a phone call or a prank.

KDK Prank Calls:

KDK Prank Calls is another great prank calling site with a unique interface. On the home page of this website, you can find many options, including free prank calls, online prank calls, best wishes, and more. When you choose one of the options, you will go to the following website which will allow you to make a free call.

This is not only a prank site but also the largest internet radio show featuring prank calls and live comedy. Users can easily download prank calls from the database individually as MP3 files. The pranks available on this site seem to be original calls to recipients.

Phone Losers:

Phone Losers of America is the highest ranked prank site that includes a massive list of funny prank appeals. This site offers a prank as an MP3 file. Users can easily send these calls to their friends at any time. The pranks on this site are humorous, ridiculous and funny in some cases.

Final words

Here is the list of the 8 best-calling sites to chat with your friends. For more problems and questions, ask us through the comments section.